The Japanese Embassy: Washoku, Manga and Calligraphy

The Japanese Embassy visits J-Popcon with lectures on Washoku: Japanese food, Manga: Art and History and a Calligraphy workshop.


Washoku: Japanese food is much more than sushi

Japanese traditional food has this year been recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage. In this context, we talk a little bit about the background behind and what Washoku really is. Briefly described Washoku is healthy food that is perfectly attuned to the seasons and local ingredients. Some simple principles create a delicious meal quickly and easily. You also get some easy recipes on how to make a Washoku meal, as well as ideas for how to adapt it to Danish conditions and makes it relatively inexpensive.


Manga: Art and History

A brief presentation of the artistic traditions that you can track the Japanese manga back to, and the reciprocal artistic influences that have arisen between Japan and the West, as the manga is also a part of.


Calligraphy workshop

Join in the fun on this educational workshop on Japanese calligraphy, where participants will have the opportunity to try out the elegant expression. Calligraphy has for centuries been used in Japan for ceremonial purposes, but is also used for entertaining and artistic expressions. Learn to write your own name and other practical everyday words like: Sushi and Samurai.